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Great Strides 2008

Shelly Florence Glover


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Custom Daily Training Schedules

3 month minimum - $30 per week

  • online training schedules with weekly phone/email coaching


Ask The Coach

  • email your training questions

Online Training Log

Break out of your comfort rut with an online training log with weekly review and email support.

  • Great for the budget conscious.
  • Teaches beginners good habits from the get go.
  • A plus for the experienced runner who wants break injury/training error cycles
  • A motivator for the isolated runner - or one that just feels that way. :-)

Small Group Coaching

  • Clinic/Informal Chat; private seminars, workshops & classes.
  • Coaching and workouts for small groups

    Training Log Review

  • Use online training log and RunningCoach will periodically review your runs and help you set goals; as well as offer you support and encouragement
  • Consultation/Planning of Your Running Training Program.
  • Submit your training log - spreadsheet or hardcopy - and RunningCoach will help spot training errors and help you set goals.

Mentor for Beginners

Weekly phone and email support for the beginner runner.


One on One Coaching

  • In Person Workouts
    • Beginners
    • Advanced Beginners
    • Speed Sessions
  • Running Form Review
  • Outdoors or in the privacy of your home gym.

Outdoor running sessions offered in

  • Central Park, NYC
  • Riverside Park, NYC
  • East River, NYC
  • Rockefeller State Park, Sleepy Hollow, N. Y.
  • Croton Aqueduct Trails
  • SUNY Purchase, Purchase N. Y.
  • Waveney Park, Darien CT
  • Palisades Parkway, N.J.

Sessions last 45 to 75 minute.